Friday, September 21, 2007

Cavalry Monuments at Chickamauga

I know there are a few fellow bloggers who are cavalry nuts, this is for them. There were several cavalry regiments at Chickamauga, below are the seven best Union monuments as chosen by me. There are several other cavalry monuments but they were a bit plain. The Confederate monuments will follow in a future post.

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
9th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
15th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
1st Ohio Cavalry:
2nd Ohio Cavalry:
3rd Ohio Cavalry:
1st Wisconsin Cavalry:


Don said...

Huzzah! Thanks, Nick, I hadn't seen any of these when I visited the battlefield several years ago. Very nice shots.

Nick said...

Except for the 7th and 15th Pennsylvania the rest are behind the Wilder monument. They performed duties south of the battlefield and their monuments were placed here rather than outside of the park boundaries. The 7th Pennsylvania is near Reed's Bridge. The 15th Pennsylvania is near Rosecrans' headquarters north of Lytle Hill.

Battlefield Biker said...

Great stuff. I love cavalry monuments and the Wisconsin one was my favorite of your group. Thanks for the pics.

Nick said...

Thanks. I've heard that the 1st Wisconsin cavalry monument is the most photographed monument in the park. Not sure how anyone would know that but I remember reading it in some park brochure.

Anonymous said...

My 5th great grandfather, Robert Lewis Phillips, fought with the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.