Friday, September 7, 2007

Winchester National Cemetery part 2

New Hampshire's monument. Hard to read but the names of the killed are listed on the sides of the monument.
Monument to the 114th New York. Back side says the regiment lost 188 of 315 men at 3rd Winchester (September 19, 1864) holding an advance defensive line. Then at Cedar Creek a month later it lost another 127 men, out of 250 engaged.
Detail of the 114th New York's monument.
Pennsylvania state monument, which reminds me very much of the Wisconsin state monument at Shiloh.
Close up of the top of the Pennsylvania monument.
123rd Ohio's monument.


Don said...


Completely off-topic question --- any idea which Denver Metro campus is the "main" one? Found out Friday I'll be working up there out of an office in Golden, but am not sure if they'll have me at north or south campus. At least it'll be easier to make RMCWRT meetings now... 8^)

Nick said...

Contact me directly, I'm not sure which campus you're talking about. Its shilohnick at msn dot com.