Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Winchester National Cemetery part 4

The final installment of monument pics from the Winchester National Cemetery is a few from New England.

The 13th Connecticut's. It is rather simple as the other side only lists the regiment's various engagements.
The 12th Connecticut's. It also only lists the regiment's various engagements and leaves no mention of what it did in the campaign.
The 18th Connecticut's. Yet another one that only lists the regiment's various engagements.
Vermont. This is for a particular regiment but it worn down such that the number cannot be read. It appears to be a single digit, maybe the 5th, 6th or 8th. It does list the names of some men who were casualties so with further research it would be possible to figure it out.

8th Vermont's monument.
Detail of the 8th Vermont's monument. It reads: "Honor the Brave. Erected to commemorate the bayonet charge of the Eighth Vermont Vol's led by Genl Stephen Thomas Sept 19, 1864. Committed to the care of those once a brave foe now our generous friend. Gift of comrade Herbert F. Hill Boston, Mass. Dedicated Sept 19, 1885."

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