Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Winchester Confederate Cemetery part 5

Here are a few more scenes from the Winchester cemetery that I found interesting.

A marker for the 3rd battle of Winchester. This site was a cemetery during the war (though much smaller) and was part of the fighting during the third battle to be called Winchester.
A modern marker for the women of Winchester. A very neat colorful marker.
Turner Ashby's grave. I don't know too much about this cavalry leader since he died so early in the conflict. Maybe if he had lived a few more years his reputation would be more well known.
Grave of General Robert Johnston. Fought with Lee and Jackson. It says he was wounded 7 times, pretty remarkable.
Grave of General Archibald Godwin. He was killed in the 3rd battle of Winchester. Somewhere I read that he was killed near this very spot but that seems hard to believe.
A few other personal graves on the edges of the Confederate section.
Finally a panoramic, moving right to left, showing about a third of the cemetery.

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