Monday, June 30, 2008

40th Illinois

On back of monument:
40th Illinois,
Commanded by 1. Col. S. G. Hicks, Wounded.
2. Lieut. Col. J. M. Boothe.
Occupied this, their third position, about 12.00 m., April 6, 1862, and held it until 1.30 p.m., sustaining their heaviest loss. The regiment then fell back to the landing. Its loss in the battle was 1 officer and 46 men killed; 11 officers and 149 men wounded; 9 men missing; total, 216.


Anonymous said...

Nick - I am writing a document about the men from company D in the 40th Illinois Infantry. Several from Wayne Co. IL joined up the same day in July 1861, and I got interested in them - why they decided to join up. Would it be okay if I used a copy of your Shiloh monument photograph in my document? The 40th lost several men in that battle. Janis in NC

Nick said...

Yes that would be fine, just please list the source. Also I'd be interested in a copy of the document when you're done.