Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thayer's Brigade

This brigade was encamped at Stony Lonesome, 2 ½ miles from the Tennessee River, on the Purdy road. The Sixty-eighth Ohio was detailed to guard the baggage, the other regiments of the brigade followed the First Brigade in its march toward Shiloh April 6, 1862. It countermarched, from a point 4 ½ miles out, to the Adamsville and Pittsburg road, and thence via river road to the battlefield, where it arrived after dark and bivouacked, in line of battle, at the right of the First Brigade. Monday morning it formed en ├ęchelon in right rear of the First Brigade, the First Nebraska on the left, the Twenty-third Indiana on the right, and the First Brigade through the day and bivouacked at night in the camp of the Forty-sixth Ohio.

The above is from Reed's history of the battle. There is no monument as earlier explained in the Lew Wallace post. Click here to read Thayer's report.

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