Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sherman's Division

Fifth Division – Brigadier General William T. Sherman (wounded) (OR Report)

First Brigade - Colonel John A. McDowell (OR Report)
6th Iowa (OR Report)
46th Ohio
40th Illinois

Second Brigade - (1.) Colonel David Stuart (wounded) (OR Report); (2.) Colonel T. Kilby Smith
55th Illinois
54th Ohio
71st Ohio (OR Report)

Third Brigade - Colonel Jesse Hildebrand
53d Ohio (OR Report)
57th Ohio
77th Ohio (OR Report)

Fourth Brigade - Colonel Ralph P. Buckland (OR Report)
48th Ohio (OR Report)
70th Ohio
72d Ohio
Sherman's division was a bit spread out in that Stuart's brigade was located on the far left of the Union lines and did not fight with the rest of their division. The rest of the division was located near Shiloh church and was the first division struck in this portion of the battlefield. Sherman and McClernand fought well together the rest of the day, which seems ironic considering how much trouble McClernand would cause for Grant and Sherman the rest of the war.

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