Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hurlbut's Division

Hurlbut's headquarters were located in Cloud Field. This is one of the larger fields at Shiloh and would have served as an excellent drilling ground. One of his brigades, Veatch's, was sent to help McClernand. His other two brigades moved down to the Peach Orchard area to help Prentiss and WHL Wallace with that defense.

Fourth Division - Brigadier General Stephen A. Hurlbut

First Brigade - (1.) Colonel N. G. Williams (Wounded) (2.) Colonel Isaac C. Pugh (OR Report)
3d Iowa (OR Report)
28th Illinois (OR Report)
32d Illinois (OR Report)
41st Illinois (OR Report)

Second Brigade - Colonel James C. Veatch (OR Report)
25th Indiana (OR Report)
14th Illinois (OR Report)
15th Illinois (OR Report)
46th Illinois (OR Report)

Third Brigade - Brigadier General Jacob G. Lauman (OR Report)
31st Indiana (OR Report)
44th Indiana (OR Report)
17th Kentucky (OR Report)
25th Kentucky (OR Report)

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