Friday, May 9, 2008

1st Minnesota Battery

Minnesota only had one unit at Shiloh, the 1st Minnesota Battery. I think this is a very nice monument, and it looks out into Duncan Field so it provides nice views too. Another thing I like about the monument is that this unit was one of the voices in Shelby Foote's novel "Shiloh" I love that book, I've read it many times. I've read the parts of it that deal with this battery while at this monument. I know its a novel but it gives me a connection to the unit that I cannot get any other way. If I had some letters from the battery that might do the same thing but since I don't the novel is my substitute.

First Minnesota Battery Light Artillery,
Capt. Emil Munch,
Brig. Gen. B. M. Prentiss' Division,
Army of the Tennessee.
Engaged from early in the morning, when Capt. Munch was wounded and disabled, in the first day's battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862. The right and left sections under command of 1st Lieut. William Pfaender participated in the struggle of the "Hornets' Nest" where this monument stands. The two guns of the center section were disabled early in the day, but one of them took part in the evening in repelling the last charge of the Confederates. Capt. E. Munch and 1st Lieut. F. E. Peebles wounded; three men killed and six men wounded.

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