Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Review

At the last roundtable meeting one of the members congratulated me on my blog appearing in a magazine. I hadn't heard anything about it and at first thought him a little crazy, but he had too many details for it to be something he dreamed up. Recently I had time to get to a good bookstore and go through their magazines. Lo and behold on page 69 of the July issue of America's Civil War there was a review of my blog. I'm flattered and surprised. With all the other great blogs out there I'm amazed that mine was picked to be reviewed. And the review is very nice, it doesn't point out any of my misspellings. I'm also a bit surprised that no one at the magazine contacted me about this. I would have certainly bought a few copies of the issue for family, friends and posterity. They might have even asked me a few questions about why I have a blog, or how I got started, things like that (both answers are for the money and fame). But no one ever contacted me, in fact if it hadn't been for a roundtable member congratulating me I may have never known about this review. I have included a scan of the review but in case you cannot read it too well here is the full text:

If a picture can be worth a thousand words, then Nick Kurtz's Battlefield
Wanderings blog is worth a mint. The Colorado native has filled his blog
with images from his frequent trips to Civil War battlefields, sites and
cemeteries, quietly capturing why the need to preserve these is so great.
He has an eye for both the sweeping vista - as evidenced by his recent series of
photographs of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga - and poignant detail - such as a
photo of an eroded monument that someone has valiantly (and perhaps illegally)
colored with white chalk to make the engraving easier to read. The Civil
War blogosphere is rife with verbiage from amateurs as well as professional
historians, but sometimes a photograph has an eloquence that cannot be matched
by the most elegant prose. Your brain might be fed by those other blogs,
but Kurtz's is a feast for the eyes.


Anonymous said...


Your blog is one that I check daily. Outstanding content for a Western/Trans-Mississippi theater student like me.


Don said...

Congratulations, Nick. I saw the article, but thought you already knew about it.