Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Missouri state monument

This one of the more modern monuments. Like the Kentucky monument it is for men who served on both sides. Its pretty simple, basically a listing of units at Shiloh. I like the engraving on the back of the "hornets' nest"

On front of monument:
Union Army of the Tennessee.
2nd Division, 2nd Brigade,
13th Mo., Col. Crafts Wright;
14th Mo., Birge Sharp Shooters,
Col. B. Compton;
1st Mo. Light Artillery,
Batty. D., Capt. Henry Richardson;
Batty. H., Capt. Frederick Welker;
Batty. K., Capt. George Stone.
3rd Division,
1st Brigade, Col. Morgan Smith, 8th Mo.;
8th Mo., Lt. Col. James Peckman;
1st Mo. Light Artillery, Batty. I., Lt. Charles Thurber;
4th Division, 1st Mo. Light Artillery,
Mann's Batty. C., Lt. Edward Brotzmann.
6th Division, 1st Brigade,
Col. E. Peabody, Lt. Col. H. Woodyard;
21st Mo., Col. David Moore;
25th Mo., Lt. Col. Robert Vanhorn;
2nd Brigade, Col. Madison Miller, 18th Mo.;
18th Mo., Lt. Col. Issac Pratt.
Unattached Infantry 23rd Mo.,
Col. Jacob Tindall, Lt. Col. Quin Morton.
Confederate Army of the Mississippi.
Reserve Corps, 2nd Brigade,
1st Mo. Col. Lucius Rich. Missouri

On back of monument:
In memory of her sons who fought and died to preserve those freedoms in which they believed. Battle of Shiloh April 6th and 7th, 1862.

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