Monday, May 5, 2008

Tennessee state monument

The newest of the Shiloh monuments is the Tennessee state monument. It was just erected a few years ago. I made the pilgrimage there that year to see the monument dedicated. I figured that a monument on this scale was not likely to be erected at Shiloh in the near future, this might be my only chance to be part of a Shiloh monument dedication in my life time so I had to go.

The first batch of pictures was taken the day before when we toured the park in the rain. The monument was getting some last minute touch ups for its big day. The ranger didn't shoo us away so we took a ton of pictures. The next day when the monument was covered we kept hearing people wondering aloud what the monument looked like and it was hard to contain our glee at having already seen it and knowing they would not be disappointed. Overall I think this is one of the better monuments at Shiloh.

The monument is titled, "Passing of Honor" and was sculpted by G.L. Sanders. I'm not sure if the newest versions of the Trailhead Graphics map has this monument on it yet or not. It is located in Woolf Field near the Water Oaks Pond.
On left side of monument:
Erected by the sovereign State of Tennessee. With assistance from the Tennessee United Daughters of the Confederacy, and Sons of Confederate Veterans, this monument is dedicated, with everlasting gratitude and respect, to the Tennesseans who fought here.

On back of monument:
Units engaged
Tennessee Organizations engaged at the Battle of Shiloh, April 6th and 7th, 1862
Artillery: Bankhead’s Battery, McClung’s (Caswell Artillery) Battery, Miller’s (Pillow Flying Artillery) Battery, Polk’s Battery, Rutledge’s Battery.
Cavalry: 3rd (Forrest’s) Regiment.
Infantry: 1st (Maney’s Battalion) Regiment, 2nd (Bate’s) Regiment, 2nd (Walker’s) Regiment, 4th Regiment, 5th (Venable’s) Regiment, 5th [35th] (Hill’s) Regiment, 6th Regiment, 9th Regiment, 12th Regiment, 13th Regiment, 15th Regiment, 19th Regiment, 20th Regiment, 22nd Regiment, 23rd Regiment, 24th Regiment, 27th Regiment, 28th Regiment, 33rd Regiment, 38th Regiment, 44th Regiment, 45th Regiment, 47th Regiment, 51st Regiment, 52nd Regiment, 55th Regiment, 154th Senior Regiment, Crew’s Battalion.

On right side of monument:
“The Tennesseans had more to fight for. The fight was for their homes and firesides.” Brigadier General Patrick R. Cleburne, as recounted by a solider in the 23rd Tennessee Infantry.

It was just a sea of cars.
They put out a ton of chairs and still only about half could sit.

The 51st Tennessee provided a guard for the monument before the unveiling.
Some group of reenactors brought a gun to give a salute, and it was nicely polished. I'm not sure I've ever seen a cannon sparkle like this, or maybe I'm just used to the green look.
I took this picture because I figured it was a rare day that one would see cannon among the tents. This view may not have existed since 1862.

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