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Union Cavalry monuments

There were several assorted cavalry units at Shiloh. Many of these operated at company strength with a few battalions thrown in. Although all three battalions of a regiment might be at Shiloh together it never operated together. Battalions and companies were scattered out to the various divisions to serve as guards and escorts. There was roughly 3500 men serving as cavalry and they sustained 25 casualties during the battle. Clearly Shiloh was not a cavalry battle.

Ohio 5th Cavalry,
Commanded by Col. Wm. H. Taylor,
1st and 2d Battalions, Hurlbut's (4th) Division
3d Battalion L. Wallace's (3d) Division
Army of the Tennessee.

back of monument:
1st and 2d Battalions were in reserve, April 6, 1862, behind Hurlbut's division, and furnished couriers and orderlies for the division. 3d Battalion, commanded by Major Charles S. Hayes, was left on guard north of Snake Creek. The regiment had present for duty, officers and men, 977. Its loss was 1 man killed; 6 wounded; total, 7.

2d Regiment, Cavalry,
Commanded by Lieut. Col. Edward M. McCook
4th Division--Gen. Nelson-- Army of the Ohio.

back of monument:
2d Cavalry, Commanded by Lieut. Col. Edward M. McCook. This regiment arrived opposite Pittsburg Landing on Sunday evening, April 6, 1862, with Gen. Nelson's division. Was ordered to remain there until in the afternoon of the 7th, when it crossed the river to the battlefield. Casualties-- wounded, 2 men; missing, 1 man; total, 3.

(Six-sided Monument)
Illinois to her cavalry at Shiloh

(First side)
"The nature of this battle was such that cavalry could not be used in front. I therefore formed ours into line in rear." Grant. Army of the Tennessee.

(Second side)
1st Battalion, 4th Cavalry, Lt. Col. W. McCullough. Stewart's & Carmichael's, Independent Companies. These commands were held in reserve April 6th & 7th 1862. One officer and two men were wounded. 1st Division.

(Third Side)
Companies A and B, 2d Cavalry, Capt. Thos. J. Larrison. These companies were acting as division headquarters guard and escort and were not actively engaged in the battle of April 6th and 7th, 1862. 2d Division.

(Fourth Side)
3d Battalion, 11th Cavalry, Maj. Jas. F. Johnson. This battalion was in reserve on north side of Snake Creek during the battle of April 6th and 7th, 1862. 3d Division.

(Fifth side)
2d and 3d Battalions, 4th Cavalry, Col. T. Lyle Dickey. 2 Companies, Thielemann's Cavalry. (Afterwards 16th Illinois) These troops were in reserve and not actively engaged in the battle of April 6th and 7th, 1862. 5th Division.

(Sixth side)
1st and 2d Battalions, 11th Cavalry, Col. R. G. Ingersoll. These battalions formed in open field near their camp where, at about 9 A.M., April 6th, 1862, they received the fire of a battery by which 3 men were killed and 3 wounded. 6th Division.

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