Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hare's Brigade

Colonel Abraham M. Hare, of the 11th Iowa, commanded the first brigade of McClernand's division. Technically this was Ogelsby's brigade but he was away from the army on a furlough at the moment. The monument, in Jones Field, still notes Brigadier General Richard James Ogelsby as its commander but also has Hare on the monument. Hare would be wounded during the first day and the brigade would then be commanded by Colonel Marcellus Monroe Crocker, of the 13th Iowa. After the battle a new brigade would be created consisting of the 11th, 13th, 15th and 16th Iowa under the command of Colonel Crocker. This brigade would be known as the Iowa Brigade, Crocker's Brigade and Crocker's Greyhounds. On the grounds of the Iowa state capitol is a monument to this brigade. Click here to read Hare's official report


Janice Brown said...

Thank you for this blog. My great greatgrandfather, John Vest, was in Crocker's Brigade. H e was in the 13th Iowa Infantry, Co. D. You are appreciated by this family historian.

Janice Brown said...

Thank you for this valuable contribution to my knowledge of my family history. My great great grandfather, John Vest, belonged to Crocker's Brigade. He was in Iowa 13th Infantry, Co. D. You are very much appreciated for sharing your passion and research.
Janice Cox Brown