Wednesday, May 7, 2008

US Regular Infantry monument

The Regular infantry units though did see some combat. They were part of Buell's army so they didn't see service until the second day but when they did they acquitted themselves well. There is a good book on the Regular brigade in the west that I recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about this fine unit. It is That Body of Brave Men by Mark Johnson. This brigade served with the army that was commanded by Buell, Rosecrans and Thomas (with nearly as many different names for the army as it had commanders). The 19th Regulars would exit the war with perhaps the best nickname of all the regular infantry regiments, Rock of Chickamauga.

On front of monument:
15th U. S. Infantry. 1st Battalion,
Capt. Peter Swain.
16th U. S. Infantry. 1st Battalion,
Capt. Edwin F. Townsend.
19th U. S. Infantry, 1st Battalion,
Maj. Stephen D. Carpenter.
Maj. John King, Commanding.
4th Brigade (Rousseau),
2nd Division (McCook),
Army of the Ohio.

On back of monument:
These battalions of U. S. Infantry, acting as a regiment, under the command of Maj. John H. King, were engaged here from about 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., April 7, 1882. Casualties 15 killed, 141 wounded, total 156.


Craig said...

Of all the monuments at Shiloh, this is my favorite. Years ago, on a family trip, we passed by it along a trail (years ago this monument was within a wood line). Seeing the family name under the listed commander for 1/15 Infantry, parents paused for a moment. That "discover" started what is now a 30 year and counting genealogical research project by my parents. Not a week passes without some new discovery or revelation.

Nick said...

That's pretty cool. What a fun way to find out about that