Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Willard's Illinois Battery

Illinois Battery "A", 1st Regiment Light Artillery
Commanded by Lieutenant P. P. Wood

Back of monument:
Went into action about 9.00 a.m., April 6, 1862, and vigorously engaged the enemy in this and other positions the immediate vicinity until 4 p.m. The battery lost in the battle 4 men killed; 1 officer, and 25 men wounded; total, 30.

In George F. Witham's book "Shiloh, Shells and Artillery Units" he says that one of the guns next to the monument is inscribed, "Battery A. Chicago Light Artillery, this "GUN" held this spot April 6, 1862. Loss in Battle of Shiloh, 4 men killed, 26 wounded, 48 horses lost but no Gun." Also inscribed on the gun are the following battles the battery was engaged in; "Vicksburg, Briclohort, Champion Hill, Arkansas Post, Cold Water, Shiloh, Donelson." I've never heard of Briclohort and a google search turns up nothing. Amazingly I've never taken a picture of these inscriptions, not sure how I've missed doing that over the years.

This battery is located just east of the Peach Orchard.

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